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Key Industries



Kenora’s unique position on Lake of the Woods offers boaters access to a freshwater boating experience unlike any other in North America. Fishing boats, sail boats, power boats, canoes and other watercraft are found throughout the lake as visitors explore 14,522 islands covered in pristine boreal forest [...]


Kenora is the second-largest health care centre in Northwestern Ontario, after Thunder Bay, and is the main centre serving the health care needs of local residents, members of indigenous communities in the region, and cottagers and visitors who spend their summers on Lake of the Woods. […]

Kenora Economic Profile

Kenora is a vibrant and growing community and it is the largest city in Northwestern Ontario outside of Thunder Bay. The city is located 200 kilometers east of Winnipeg and 489 kilometers west of Thunder Bay, in the heart of the Kenora District, which has a population of 57,607 [...]


Kenora is the second-largest city in resource-rich Northwestern Ontario. Surrounded by natural resources including vast Boreal forest, a diverse base of minerals, pure water on Lake of the Woods, freshwater fish, and other abundant resources, Kenora supports a growing set of manufacturers [...]


Kenora is located in the heart of the mineral rich Canadian Shield, on the western edge of Northwestern Ontario, in close proximity to Manitoba to the east and Ontario’s Ring of Fire to the west. In Ontario there are several mines and exploration in projects that are in close proximity to Kenora [...]


Kenora is North America’s Premier Boating Destination, connecting local residents, visitors, and cottagers to the Lake of the Woods and its 14,522 islands and 65,000miles of shoreline –more than all the Great Lakes combined. Starting in 2006, the City of Kenora made a strategic decision to prioritize [...]

Value Added Forestry

Kenora offers value-added forestry companies many advantages including access to a stable supply of wood fibre residuals from regional mills, crown timer from the region’s boreal forest, access to a to a highly skilled local labour force, excellent industrial infrastructure, and a highly supportive local and provincial government […]