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Boating Industry


Kenora’s unique position on Lake of the Woods offers boaters access to a freshwater boating experience unlike any other in North America. Fishing boats, sail boats, power boats, canoes and other watercraft are found throughout the lake as visitors explore 14,522 islands covered in pristine boreal forest. The City of Kenora is committed to the growth of a thriving boating sector, committing over $30 million over the past decade to create assets such as the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre, a revitalized Harbourtown Centre, and the Whitecap Pavilion. A focused and aggressive marketing and branding strategy communicates to visitors that Kenora is North America’s Premier Boating Destination, attracting a growing number of boaters each year.

Fast Facts

  • Lake of the Woods covers 3,846 square kilometres and has over 105,000 km of shoreline – it is the 7th largest lake in the US and the 14th largest in Canada;
  • Boating is the top attraction for over 20,000 cottagers who are seasonal residents in the region;
  • Over 93 percent of cottagers participate in boating;
  • Local marina operators estimate that there are approximately 8,000 to 10,000 powerboats and larger sailboats on the lake each summer in addition to hundreds of paddle boats and smaller vessels;
  • Critical mass of over 7.3 million boats within a 24-hour travel radius.

Key Opportunities for Growth

  • Docks and marinas;
  • Boat repair;
  • Boat dealers;
  • Boat Rentals;
  • Shopping, dining and events for boating visitors;
  • Boat and accessory manufacturing.