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Kenora is the second-largest city in resource-rich Northwestern Ontario. Surrounded by natural resources including vast Boreal forest, a diverse base of minerals, pure water on Lake of the Woods, freshwater fish, and other abundant resources, Kenora supports a growing set of manufacturers that transform raw resources into high quality products. The City’s proximity to Winnipeg, Minneapolis, the Canadian prairies and the US Midwest makes it an ideal location for regional manufacturers serving these markets.

Fast Facts

  • Kenora’s four manufacturing sectors (forest products, durable goods, mineral products, consumer goods) contribute over $43 million to the City’s GDP
  • The Kenora District accounts for 18% of Northwestern Ontario’s manufacturing labour force, most of which is based in the City of Kenora
  • Kenora’s highly-skilled workforce is comprised of a working age population of over 8,500 workers (age 25-65)
  • Kenora is home to the world’s largest TimberStrand TM engineered wood product mill

Key Opportunities for Growth

  • Avalon Advanced Materials plans over $500M in new investment in a lithium processing operation by 2020
  • New exporting manufactures like Freshwater Cuisine and Lake of the Woods Brewing Company are bringing new streams of funds into the community through the export of food and beverage products
  • There are opportunities for Kenora to play a role in bringing new forest products to market by leveraging the stable access to fibre and residuals
  • Kenora airport site will undertake a major upgrade in 2017, with the construction of a $6.2M terminal.